Properties & Real Estate in Monaco

Who does not know Monaco? Everyone must Know Monaco, right? Monaco is a special place. Located between mountains and sea that has a population of less than 50,000 people. The Monaco area overlooks the Mediterranean so the conditions are more beautiful. If you are asked about Monaco, what comes to the mind? surely the answer is Formula 1 Grand prix, is not it? a very famous street circuit in the world. Perhaps this event becomes a selling point that no other place has for the development of monaco real estate.

Monaco has a strategic and beautiful location, everyone wants to have property there. But not everyone can have it, In addition to the beauty of the price of land in Monaco is very expensive and even more expensive if you buy land in Paris. In 2011 the price of land in Monaco is estimated to reach $ 66,500 per sqm or nearly 46,000 euros per sqm for luxury housing areas. But the selling price can reach 100,000 euros per sqm. Compare with the price of land in Paris in 2011 less than 30.000 euro per sqm. How about this year ?, please count yourself. Looking at facts like this, it is very reasonable if the price of luxury property in Monaco can only be enjoyed by certain circles. Those who have a lot of money can enjoy it.

Usually during the Grand Prix F1, All types of monaco real estate and property such as hotels, apartments, condos, villas, etc., are full of tourists. They choose a place or room whose windows are facing the racetrack so that travelers have no trouble watching it, with the facility you have to pay around 20.000 euros for three days. In addition to being in the location of the property racing is much preferred is on the beach. Where the price range between 30,000 to 50,000 euros with 2-room facilities measuring 8 sqm. In addition monaco real estate offers several buildings with affordable rental rates, but this property should only be rented by residents of Monaco.

If you have a lot of budget, it is better buy or rent a house in the location of prince’s palace. In these locations are provided houses which very fascinating Italian models. For 600 sqm home marketed around 40 million euros even can be more.

What makes Monaco expensive is the limited area. The area of Monaco is very limited, there is no land available for the construction of new projects there. A district emerged around the 1970s, this complete and luxurious district named Fontvielle that emerged from the ocean but today that district has a small harbor, various factories and malls. Also as the headquarters of football club AS Monaco.

Another charming location is the Exotic Garden. This district consists of a garden with many beautiful plants. You can get a royal view from the garden. Terrace Palace, Princess Graces Hospital, Ligures, Harbor Light Palace and the Moneghetti shopping area are some of the fascinating locations within the district.

There is no end if we continue to talk about the beauty of Monaco. Luxury that is worth the price offered. You can get answers to questions related to monaco real estate by contacting the real estate agents available there.